Response to WWMT Questions

1. What qualifies you for office?

I’ve been a professional educator for over 20 years. My most important qualification is that I am a professional educator who recognizes the failure of compulsory education run from Lansing. Of course I can’t change that directly, but I can be an advocate for reform. End State control. As long as government runs schools, they should be run locally. I support returning the money parents would spent on public schools to parents who wish to enroll their children in private schools. The same for parents who wish to use these funds for home schooling purposes.
2. Define the role of a public servant.

The people should be the bosses of the politicians, not the other way around.
3. Name the top issue you want to address and why?
Bringing more diversity and choice to education in Michigan, by separating it from the systemic violence inherent in government. Aggression is fundamentally immoral regardless of how noble the stated motives are. Education is a noble endeavor that should be accomplished by noble means. When people have a choice the system becomes more adaptable to meet people’s needs, and where it fails to do that, it withers away.


A. Occupation:
Physics, Math & Astronomy Professor (WCCCD & MCC) & Substitute Teacher.

B. Education:
Grosse Pointe South High School. 1980
Western Michigan University. BS (1985) Majors: Physics and Philosophy. Minor: Mathematics.
Western Michigan University MA Physics (1988).
Wayne State University: Teaching Certificate (1998) and MAT (1999).
Additional Coursework at Macomb Community College, Wayne County Community College, Parahawks Skydiving, SCUBA Centers of Michigan, Sempre Fi Firearms training.

C. Hometown:

D. Wayne State Student Council 1999. Morningside Board 2012-Present. Current Libertarian County Convention Delegate.

E. I was Chair of the Libertarian Party of Michigan in 2006. I have run for several Federal, state and local offices.
I am the forunder of Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight.
I am Michigan director of Our America Initiative and Michigan Director of Gary Johnson’s Presidential campaign.

F. Anything of note you believe voters should know:
I’ve been a professional educator since the 1980’s. I am a certified teacher with two Master Degrees. I have experience at public and private colleges as well as public and private K-12 schools. My in-depth experience with education from preschool through graduate school gives me a unique perspective.
I think holistically, and see the need to separate education from the systemic violence inherent in government. While a Board of Education member can’t accomplish this directly, I can still make recommendations and suggest guidelines that will accommodate a more choice-driven, less-aggressive, less centralized approach.


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