Responses To Free Press Questions

City of residence
Mailing Address
4877 Balfour Rd.
Detroit, MI 48224
Birthdate (will not be published)
April 14th, 1962
Cell phone number (will not be published)
(313) 247-2052 [Voice Only]
Home phone number (will not be published)
(313) 247-2052
Office number (will not be published)
Domestic Partner: Linda Moore. Six year old canine son: Harry.
Grosse Pointe South High School. 1980 Western Michigan University. BS (1985) Majors: Physics and Philosophy. Minor: Mathematics. Western Michigan University MA Physics (1988). Wayne State University: Teaching Certificate (1998) and MAT (1999). Additional Coursework at Macomb Community College, Wayne County Community College, Parahawks Skydiving, SCUBA Centers of Michigan, Sempre Fi Firearms training.
Vehicles owned
2013 Ford Focus.
Professional Experience
Professor: [Aug., 14 – Now. Physics: Henry Ford College. Sept, 03 – Now. Mathematics & Physics WCCCD] [Aug., ’02 – Now. Astronomy & Physics Macomb Community College.] [Feb., ’99 – Now. K-12 Substitute: PESG Edustaff.]
Political Experience
I served on the Wayne State University Student Council in 1999. I was Chair of the Libertarian Party of Michigan in 2006., MEC Neighborhood Patrol Vice President (2013-2015). Michigan Director of “Our America Initiative.” (2014-Present). I am the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, and Michigan Director of Gary Johnson 2016.
Human/United States of America.
Campaign Website



I. What work or life experiences most qualify you to be a member of the State Board of Education?

I’ve been a professional educator for 20 years. I served on the Wayne State U. Student Council in 1999. I was Chair of the Libertarian Party of Michigan in 2006. My most important qualification is that I am a professional educator who recognizes the failure of compulsory education run from Lansing. Of course I can’t change that directly, but I can be an advocate for reform.

I support returning the amount of money parents would spend on public schools to parents who wish to enroll their children in private schools. The same for parents who wish to use these funds for home schooling purposes.

II. What do you consider the board’s three most critical responsibilities?

1. Advising. This could include recommendations to the legislature, or instructions to schools and school districts. I would call for a departure from Federally subsidized PC fads like Common Core, man-made global warming alarmism, and “gun-free” zones. I would encourage respect for parental choice on matters of vaccinations, prescription psychotropic medicine and medical marijuana.

2. Managing the distribution of available funds. Reduce waste.

3. Appointing the superintendent.

This is defined in Article VIII § 3 []

III. What would you do to ensure that every child in the state has access to a quality education?

Recommend legislation that would give families more control of education dollars. This could include tax credits and vouchers. Market forces provide for better services.

As long as schools are funded or run by a governmental body, they should be run and funded locally. The further removed decision makers are from the classroom, the less responsive their policies will be to student needs.

Federal funds come with too many strings attached . Funding needs are acute, but more money doesn’t necessarily bring better results, especially if the quality of education is diminished by mandates.

IV. Academically, Michigan’s students are falling behind much of the country. What must the state do to ensure Michigan’s students keep up?

We need to diversify and move away from the top-down approach that seeks to standardize education. One size does not fit all. Central control caused the downward slide.

I support returning the amount of money parents would spend on public schools to parents who wish to enroll their children in private schools. The same for parents who wish to use these funds for home schooling purposes. This is a compromise. Ideally politician would not intervene in the education process and people would not have that money stolen from them by the government for that purpose.

V. How would you describe the state of standardized testing in Michigan? What do you think works and what would you change?

Standardized tests have too much influence on school funding and student evaluation by indirectly imposing one pedagogy at the expense of the other. For instance, it effectively imposes a math curriculum that calls for teaching algebra before geometry even though some students perform better if they learn geometry first.

While the state shouldn’t push standardization, businesses or other schools may wish to use such tests in their hiring or admission process. The schools should be open to letting testing organizations administer such tests on campus.
VI. Are Michigan’s public schools adequately funded? What changes in the way the state funds schools would you support?

The funding is inadequate because the money is poorly allocated, and the means of funding is immoral. Schools should compete to win over customers, and the best way to win over customers is to offer the best value at the best price.

Families should decide the best way to spend their education dollars, instead of politicians deciding for them. Students will be much better served.

VII. What is the best way for the state to intervene in financially or academically failing school districts?

The state shouldn’t seize control of local schools, and they should not disempower elected local officials. The type of gross voter disenfranchisement that gutted DPS must not happen again.

VIII. Do you support the establishment of a Detroit Educational Commission or a similar body that would have authority to site, open and close traditional public and charter schools?

No. we don’t need a commission to do that. Another level of bureaucracy, would probably attract people with agendas that have more to do with opportunism than education. Charter schools will sink or swim based on their ability to attract students. Students (with the guidance of their parents) are the true customers. If we take the possibility of tax-payer funded bailouts off the table, failing schools will close on their own.

Detroit Public Schools belong under the supervision of their elected School Board. It is their job to decide which schools to keep open.

IX. Should the state require school districts to test for lead in the drinking water in school buildings?

Schools and districts shouldn’t need state requirements to do this; It’s common sense. As long as the state is involved with local school districts, they should insist that their water is safe.

X. How should school districts improve security and safety measures at their schools? Should teachers or other school staff be armed?

Given that over ninety percent of such tragedies happen in so-called “Gun-Free Zones,” I will urge the legislature to remove restrictions on CPL holders that prohibit them from CCW in schools.

Schools should be able to set their own weapon policies, rather than having them mandated by politicians trying to score points with a misguided support base.

I oppose requiring teachers and non-security staff to carry firarms; It’s a choice. Likewise taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to buy firearms for staff that chose to be armed. Legally qualified gun-owners should buy their own weapons.

XI. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor or filed for personal bankruptcy? If so, explain.

I was falsely convicted of trespassing in spite of the fact that I wasn’t breaking any law, and I was at my place of employment in an area that was open to the general public. The law didn’t even match the circumstances or my alleged behavior. We were even able to show that the prosecution’s primary witness, perjured testimony.

Filed for bankruptcy. Definitely more people are concerned with Michigan’s future than Scotty Boman’s past. That being said, at the turn of the century I made some horrible decisions. Those horrible decisions led me to a point where I could no longer service my own debt.


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