World Changers Candidate Forum. Friday November 2nd

6:00 PM Friday November 2nd

First Baptist World Changers Church
22575 West 8 Mile Road
Detroit, Michigan 48219


Candidates From Both Parties Face Off In Meridian Township


Sherri Wells (G) and Scotty Boman (L) traveled to Okemos Michigan to participate in a one hour live televised debate. The debate, hosted by HOM-TV on Comcast channel 21 was the only live televised debate of the Board of Education candidates.  All candidates were invited, but only Boman and Wells showed up.

People were invited to call in questions, but at least one person, Mark Ashley Price, preferred social media.

Wells emphasized the value of Public Education in ensuring a “cohesive” society and argued that it was essential to a functional democracy.  Boman contrasted himself with Wells by emphasizing the need to move away from the coercive manner in public education is funded, calling it “extortion.”  Boman also conceded, “I am going to say a couple very unpopular things…” before arguing for the removal of the “Gun-Free zones” from CPL restrictions.

Both Wells and Boman agreed that there was too much centralized control of education and they argued for a decentralized approach.  They also spoke disparengingly of common core.  Wells because it was a manifestation of corporate control and Boman because it was a manifestation of big government.  Boman acknowledged the corporate component calling it “crapitalism or crony capitalism.”

The Debate follows half hour interviews with these candidates and others including Libertarian John Tatar.

Scotty Boman Interviewed at HOM TV